10 Travel Hacks for a Better Trip

Traveling, while it is something most of us look forward to, can also be highly stressful unless you’re prepared. However, even if you are the most organized person in the world, there are still things you should consider before hopping in the car, Uber, taxi, ride-sharing van to the airport. Here are 10 travel hacks for a better trip. Most are common sense but some you may not have thought about.

Change Your Eating Schedule

A few days before you take your flight, start taking your meals at the time you would at the place you’re going. This prepares your body for the trip and will reduce the jet lag once you get to your destination.

Be the Last on the Plane

I know that may sound heretical to some of you because you are worried about overhead space or for an airline where seats are not assigned, then you want the best pick possible but there is a lot of stress that comes with jockeying for position to be first on the plan or first in your group.

The goal here is to reduce stress, especially if you have an assigned seat. If there aren’t assigned seats, yeah, you’ll get the leftovers. That can be dicey when the plane is full but if it isn’t, getting a good seat shouldn’t be an issue. Keep in mind you’re not going to reach your destination faster by being the first on the plane, so why not take your time and look for a more comfortable spot?

As for overhead space, if there isn’t any, the bag will be checked at no additional cost. You will have to wait a little longer at your destination airport, but you won’t have to worry about overhead space and the person who places their luggage, their handbags, coats and other items so they are taking up three spaces.

Be Polite to the Flight Attendant – 10 Travel Hacks for a Better Trip

Most people mess this up early on. If you’re going to be rude to someone, make sure you don’t need any service from them. Flight attendants will remember you if you’re polite and smile at them and will be more likely to pamper you (perhaps even let you have some booze) if you appreciate them.

Wear a Coat with Lot of Pockets

It shouldn’t matter if you’re coming out of a place with warm weather, put on a coat that’s pocket heavy. It’s a simple way to make sure that you don’t overstuff your carry-on, and also if the flight is cold, you will have your own little makeshift blanket that’ll serve you better than those tissue paper things they give you on planes.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

Do you sometimes download movies onto your phone but tire out when hunching down to watch them? You could try packing the phone into a clear plastic bag, hook the phone onto the tray-table latch, and voila! You have yourself a portable theater.

Bring an Empty Bottle in Your Carry-On – 10 Travel Hacks for a Better Trip

Bottled water tends to be pricey, and of course it’s bad for the environment. So, bring a water bottle from home and fill it up once you get past security.

Change Your “Location” When Buying Tickets Online

Most airlines will charge more for Americans than they would for people buying the same tickets from other locations. Try changing your location to a less developed country to see if they lower the price.

Buy a Good Neck Pillow

A bad one can make your trip miserable. A good one makes all the difference, especially if you’re flying over 10 hours. It’s also going to be good for your health and is recommended for people who fly regularly.

Try the Departures Area to Avoid Queues for Cabs – 10 Travel Hacks for a Better Trip

Most travelers take the cab to the airport and not from it. You can avoid the long line at the arrivals by leaving through the departure area and snag a cab in a minute. Of course, you can always order that ride-sharing transport once you can activate your phone again or turn off Airplane Mode. That way, by the time you get to the curb, you’re ride is already there or will be close to getting there.

Save Up on Drinks

The drinks at airport bars are criminally expensive, so if you do not want to spend a chunk of money when you travel, stock up on your favorite drinks by using those mini-bottles the next time you’re at a liquor store. They can give you a glass of ice for free at the airport or on the plane.

This article originally appeared on AboutZenLife.com.