Relocating Abroad to Escape the Rat Race

The accumulated stress of living in this fast-paced economic environment can be dangerous. High blood pressure, addiction to substances (legal or illegal) and marriage breakups abound. Well, not everyone is willing to risk their health and relationships to win the battle of the rat race. Many are choosing to call it quits, in a sense, to spend quality time with kids and family by relocating abroad to escape the rat race.

Many look forward to sitting on a beach somewhere away from the constant grind reading a good book or taking walks with a loved one. At least that is the dream. So, for anyone contemplating moving abroad, and perhaps adding a few years to their lives, here are some suggestions to get started.


Unless you’re independently wealthy, you’ll need money to relocate to whatever place you’ve identified to get away from the grind. So, you’ll have to work. Fortunately, the internet makes it possible to do many jobs from abroad. Companies in the industrialized world realize that they can save money by employing virtual workers.

Here are some of the usual jobs taken by ex-pats.

  • Freelance writer-entails writing articles for publication, usually on website or blogs.
  • Binary stock trading-involves betting on the upward or downward movement of financials.
  • Internet marketing– selling products or services online as an affiliate.

Location – Relocating Abroad to Escape the Rat Race

If you’re going to relocate abroad to get away from it all and you have a job where you can work virtually, then make sure the location meets the criteria for the goals you’ve set. One of those is, and should be, cost-of-living. Relocating to one place that is just as expensive as the one you are leaving is counterproductive to the goal of escaping the rat race. If the cost if living is not lower, you’ll find yourself working just as hard as before. In fact, life can be more difficult because finding well-paying jobs is, in many instances, harder abroad.

The location must also offer a high quality of life. That means key environmental factors such as crime, air and noise pollution should be low. Also, check healthcare for quality and affordability. Housing is important as well. If raising a family, check on the schools that are available. Proximity to beaches is always a plus. Also, lots of sunshine never hurts.

Last, it should be a location where most travelers can live for a long period without needing to apply for residency, until they are sure they want to stay permanently. In most cases, it is best to find a country that allows tourists to stay for at least six months each year. Then, the ex-pat can go into immigration to extend the stay or move elsewhere for a few months (sometimes days) before returning for another six months.

Family, Friends & More

Individuals or families relocating often find it hard to leave behind immediate family and friends. You must be prepared for that outcome. Also, depending on where you relocate to, it may be difficult for family and friends to see you often. Most people relocation though, manage to survive. These days, it is much easier to stay in touch with home because of the internet. With such communication tools as Skype, Zoom, Google, Facebook, etc., anyone can talk and see their acquaintances on a regular basis.

With that worry out of the way, it is time to consider all the extra items accumulated over the years. You can either take it with and have it shipped at considerable cost or sell it all! Yep, cars, furniture and other non-essentials can be sold to make money to fund the trip.

The clutter that people have in their homes is part of the reason for the high levels of stress. They should let as much of it go as possible. Once you’re relocated abroad, you’ll find you won’t miss those items as much as you initially thought. Also, once you’re in your new home abroad, you’ll start to accumulate items again once you have found someplace that is permanent.

Of course, you’ll have to rethink your meaning of success from having all those items around you that reflect your success and continue to drive your involvement in the rat race, to decompressing and taking life at a slower pace so you can enjoy reading that book and enjoying that cool drink on the beach somewhere in your own little paradise.

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