10 Cute Nail Designs

Never trade elegance for simplicity when it comes to easy nail art. Countless manicure designs are both simple to copy and adorable simultaneously. Here’s how to replicate ten different nail art designs.

We have something to fit any mood or occasion, whether you’re in the mood for something simple and traditional or something original and creative. Here are ten stylish manicures you should attempt, ranging from mask-coordinated to solid pastels.

Pastel Love

Everyone was surprised when the pastel storm appeared out of nowhere. Pastel nails, eyeliner, and eyeshadow are popular right now. All you need for this style is an excellent pastel nail color if you want to be in style. 

Apply the base coat thinly and allow it to dry. Apply your preferred pastel nail paint in a thin coat when it has dried. Repeat when it has dried for optimum opacity, then finish with a glossy or matte top coat. That’s how easy it is.

Colorful French Manicure

This is the traditional French manicured nails with a contemporary twist. You’ll need clear, glossy nail polish for this, and instead of choosing white, choose a vivid neon shade. The clear nail polish should be applied thinly and allowed to dry. 

Apply only the tips of your nails with your chosen vivid nail paint next. Wrap your nail with cello tape, leaving the tips exposed, and then apply neon polish however sloppy you like. You can also use the standard tape method for this. You’ll have sharp lines after the paint has dried and peeled off the tape. Add one more coat of glossy polish to finish it.

Skittles Manicure

The term “skittles nails” was created because of how colorful it is and how much it resembles candy. After Harry Styles was frequently seen donning multiple-colored nails, this iconic trend gained popularity. 

While wearing various nail polish hues on each finger is nothing new, Harry Styles unquestionably revived the trend. All you need for this is a variety of nail polishes in different color families.

Mask Matched

Safety first, but make it trendy! Although most of our makeup is covered by face masks, this does not mean we stifle our creativity. Painting them the same color as your mask or even imitating its pattern will keep things as basic as you wish. People on the internet always manage to find a solution, and they’ve done it again, in this case, by having nails that match your mask.

Floral And Fruity

The trend since late 2020/early 2021 is delicate flowers on nails. To begin, paint thin stripes on your nails to resemble flower petals. You may adjust their thickness by joining them together in the middle. You only need a small brush and your preferred nail color to draw the flowers on.

Use a pencil to add a yellow dot to the flower’s center once the petals are finished and linked in the middle. It will look fantastic if you paint it over with clear nail polish.

Sophisticated Stripes

Simple yet powerful. This nail art is ideal for minimalists who prefer to keep things elegant and beautiful. The appeal of this manicure is that it complements every appearance and adds a touch of sophistication. You only need a small brush and your preferred nail polish for this. 

After applying a base coat, use a small brush to create striped patterns on your nails. Depending on your preference, these can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, thick, thin, or combined. You can also choose a thin eyeliner brush to apply the stripes if you can’t find a nail art kit with thin brushes. 

Font Or Graffiti

The most recent manicure fashion is applying calligraphy or graffiti to your nails. Even though it could seem quite challenging to duplicate, with some effort, you’ll succeed. Celebs like Kylie Jenner, Cardi B, Hailey Bieber, and others have been flaunting this mani. Choose a base coat to apply first. 

Start slowly with the letters and increase your speed as you go. If you want to accomplish it quicker, you can buy stickers, apply them to your base coat, and then secure them with a clear top coat. Add a nice coating or top coat whether you opt to write it on or stick it on the letters.

Cow Print

It’s time for cow print to take over the fashion world. Let’s face it – this one is pretty adorable and original. For this one, all you need is black nail polish for the spots and white or nude nail paint for the base. 

Apply your base coat, ideally nude or white (feel free to get creative, though), and allow it to dry. Dot some black on your nail after that and spread it out a little with a toothpick. You can choose the size and randomness of these spots. Applying a glossy top coat to give it some sheen will provide it with a final polish.

Abstract Waves

This nail design requires you to make irregular waves on your nails, much like the stripes design. You might compare this one to the striped manicure in italics if you like. It has a slightly more playful and relaxed appearance but is just as sophisticated as the stripes. 

Pick any nail paint color you desire, apply the base coat, and let it dry, just like the striped design. Add thin lines to your nails with a small brush and a different color. After that, add a layer of clear nail paint on top.

Press-On Nails 

Press-on nails are easy and the best for those who prefer to have fake nails temporarily. In 2022, the press-on nail market will experience tremendous growth. People find it simpler to apply an entire cover nail in minutes now that their lives are returning to normalcy. 

They have spoiled themselves with DIY nails during the worst of the pandemic. Since the pandemic’s start, searches for press-on nails have increased by 95% since last year and 363% over the last few years.