7 Energizing Foods That Give Coffee A Run For Its Money

7 Energizing Foods That Give Coffee A Run For Its Money

Are you interested in saving an extra $1,000 this year?

Of course you are!

All you have to do is quit drinking coffee. Yes, seriously. Cut out coffee and start counting your newfound stacks of cash. The average American spends $1,000 on coffee per year!

Now, before you have a caffeine crisis, it IS POSSIBLE to make the transition over from “the dark side”. Stick with us here…

If it’s a kick of energy you are looking for in your daily cup of joe, then stay tuned with what is about to be shared.

Check out these 7 energizing foods that give coffee a run for its money. There is a different and delicious way to get some pep in your step for every day of the week.

Get ready to eat until you have an ENERGY explosion!

1. Dark Chocolate

  • Let’s get this food fiesta started off right with some delicious (and yet still nutritious) dark chocolate!
  • Dark chocolate is rich in a natural stimulant similar to caffeine called theobromine.
  • Dark chocolate helps elevate mood by stimulating serotonin production, which also raises your energy and gives you a boost!
  • Try this energy-lifting treat: Drizzle melted dark chocolate chips on top of a bowl of air-popped popcorn.
  • Select a dark chocolate that is at least 85 % cacao

2. Dates

  • Dates offer a sweet balance of natural sugar and fiber, which means you won’t feel any sugar high or crashes. What you WILL feel is a nice flow of energy to keep you buzzing through your day.
  • Make a simple energizing snack by chopping up 2 dates and then tossing in some cashews or almonds.

3. Watermelon

  • Grab a slice or two of this juicy summer fruit whenever you are in need of a refreshing and awakening pick-me-up. It has 6 percent of your daily value of B6 per slice!
  • Watermelon also contains minerals like potassium and magnesium, which both have naturally energy-boosting traits.

4. Chickpeas

  • Chickpeas and other beans are chock full of protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. This promotes a steady and slow rise and fall in blood glucose levels
  • Eating these beans helps stabilize energy levels.
  • The iron and B-vitamin content in beans also gives a bonus energy boost.
  • Roast some chickpeas in the oven for a-crunchy and energy-giving snack or make a simple 3 bean salad.

5. Sesame Seeds

  • Help your body convert sugar into energy with s simple sprinkle of sesame seeds. They are rich in magnesium, which helps this process.
  • Sesame seeds provide sustained energy throughout the day due to its fiber and health fat content.
  • They make a great salad topper or a crunchy flavor agent for stir frys.

6. Oatmeal

  • Oats are the number 1 champion when it comes to slow-burning fuel that will keep you energized for hours.
  • They also boost the production of serotonin, which is known to enhance memory function and reduce stress. This makes oats a great choice for breakfast to give your brain and body the energy it needs for a big meeting or test.

7. Cinnamon

  • Looking to instantly stop fatigue? Take a sniff of cinnamon! Inhaling the scent of cinnamon is known to be able to lift energy and enhance awareness.
  • Put a dash of cinnamon on your morning oats for the ultimate 1 – 2 energizing punch!
  • Cinnamon also works great when stirred into your favorite herbal tea.

“Your diet is a bank account.Good food choices are good investments.”

~ Bethenny Frankel ~

What will you do with your extra dough? Take a vacation? Book a massage? The possibilities are endless in regards to the wonderful ways you can treat yourself.

Enjoy your extra energy AND earnings!