How to Have the Perfect Backyard Wedding

How to Have the Perfect Backyard Wedding

With a world-wide pandemic sweeping the nation, wedding season is all but canceled. Brides are left heartbroken that all the hard work they’ve put into their wedding is suddenly gone because their wedding was canceled. Now couples are taking this as an opportunity to simplify their wedding and hold something a little comfier and smaller for their closest friends and family like a backyard wedding.

The Corona Virus may have derailed your original wedding plans, but don’t let it ruin your special day. You can have an amazing and gorgeous wedding in the comfort of your own backyard that will leave your guest in awe and leave a picture-perfect memory in your mind. Here are a few simple ways to have your own backyard wedding. 

Use String Lights

If your wedding is at night, string lights are a great addition to your backyard. Your backyard will probably need the additional lighting and string lights are affordable and look romantic when draped properly. Grab a few strands and drape them from trees, porch covers, or around the fence. They will also look perfect in your photographs. 

Create an Entrance 

Your guests are probably accustomed arriving to your house from the front door. For your backyard wedding create a grand entrance to invite them in. You can use topiaries and candles or create a gorgeous arch that will grab your guest attention and show them the way into your dream wedding. 

Add a Pop of Color – How to Have the Perfect Backyard Wedding

You might not have as many tables as you were expecting, so spice the ones up you do have. Add a fun and colorful tablecloth that matches the theme of your wedding but also really stands out. Guest will love the little detail you added to your wedding. 

Play Lawn Games

Keep everyone entrained with some lawn games, we are in a backyard after all. Add games like Jenga or cornhole to your wedding that will be perfect during the cocktail hour. You can even customize your games with your initials and wedding date if you want. 

Create An Outside Bar

Don’t hire a bar tender if you don’t need to. Fill oversized buckets with ice and add your favorite drinks to the buckers. Guest can choose their options and you don’t have to worry about someone constantly waiting hand and foot on people, make it a little more chill of an environment. 

Bring Banquet Tables – How to Have the Perfect Backyard Wedding

Let’s say the wedding is small and just a few of you close friends and family, use a banquet table to keep everyone together and save room in your backyard. Banquet tables are in for weddings this year and it will feel a bit cozier than your typical wedding with guest spread out. 

Find your Focal Point

Is there one amazing piece of your backyard that everyone loves? Use that as your backdrop for your ceremony. It will only accent your wedding and the photos during your ceremony will look stunning with the beautiful backdrop behind you. Don’t have one? If you have extra time create your own amazing arch to stand in front of. 

Include your Pets

You’re already at home, why not add your pup to the mix. Your pup will feel relaxed since they’re already in a familiar space and guest will love seeing them walk down the aisle and be with you on your special day. 

Throw a BBQ – How to Have the Perfect Backyard Wedding

Sure, you can have someone cater the event, but you can also whip out the grills and create your own comfort food. Cook anything from ribs, tri-tip, and chicken, to corn and other delicious foods. During the cocktail hour is the perfect time to fire the grill up. 

Create a Path

If you don’t want your guest walking along the guest or rocks, create a path for them to follow to their seats. You can use things like candles or flower pedals to help do this, or even lanterns and thin rugs if that matches your wedding aesthetic. 

Having to re-think your perfect wedding might be stressful but hopefully you can get a little inspiration from this post and create your own perfect wedding at home.