Developing a Strong Work Ethic

It’s just another day at the office. People in their cubicles are doing various things, some work related, some not so work related. Co-workers sneaking time on the internet, sending text messages, being too chatty while getting coffee and just general goofing off pervades the area. You’ve got work to do, so it’s time to get at it. Sure, you like a good time and some laughs, too, but it’s time to dig in and get going. In the environment described above, developing a strong work ethic can be challenging. It takes discipline and focus.

It gets even more challenging when the boss is away. People tend to be more relaxed when their boss is away, is in a meeting, on the phone, etc. Don’t fall into the “while the cat’s away the mice will play” mode, it can only get you in trouble.

Work Ethic & Personal Accountability – Developing a Strong Work Ethic

Your job not only consists of the actual work you do, but having a good work ethic as well. All of us know that not everyone adheres to that very virtue. It’s to your advantage to not only do your job, but do it well.

First off, don’t forget that when you applied for this job, you had to show the employer why they needed to hire you, how you were the better candidate over all the other applicants. So now is the time to make the company see that they made the right decision. I’m not saying you have to have your nose to the grindstone every minute of every day, but hold the “away from my desk” time to a minimum. Show those around you that you are going to do your job the same way, whether the boss is around or not.

Will the Boss Notice?

Probably the most frustrating of all is feeling that the boss has no idea of who is doing the work and who isn’t. Believe me, he or she knows.

Plugging away daily isn’t going to reap an “attaboy” each and every day. It has to be a steady stream of hard working days that lead to completed projects, met deadlines, etc. That is what gets you noticed.

Some bosses are good at recognizing this fact, some aren’t as good. Either way, you help yourself and your career when you concentrate and have the work completed. This makes your boss’ job easier, and in the scheme of things, isn’t that why you are there? You are part of a team, so prove you are a team player.

Accepting More Responsibility – Developing a Strong Work Ethic

All caught up? Take the initiative and ask co-workers if there is something you can do to help them, especially if they are particularly slammed. They will appreciate it and everyone will notice your willingness to help and get the work done.

But the best reward is when your boss finally decides to act on your dedication and offers you a promotion and a raise. Now you’ll see for yourself that all the time you invested was worth it. You’ll find yourself saying, “I remember when I used to sit at that desk” as you pass by the ones who are still goofing off.