7 Great Fitness Apps to Get You Off the Couch

1— Couch to 5K. If you think you might like running, but need an organized program, detailed advice and motivation, try downloading the Official Couch to 5K app from the Active Network. The program guides you to your first 5K by spending just 20 to 30 minutes a day, three times a week, for nine weeks. You can choose from four different inspiring virtual coaches, and there are human audio cues guiding you through each workout.

2—Runkeeper. You can make this app as detailed and audible as you want, or just simply track your mileage and speed with no sound. There are lots of customizable charts and voice cues. Most features are free, but you can also pay a monthly fee if you’d like more in-depth advice and tracking. You can also change your workout from running to cycling, walking, hiking and other workouts.

3—MyFitnessPal. To lose weight you need to work off more calories than you eat. MyFitnessPal helps by allowing you to log every morsel you eat and every calorie you expend. Thousands of food items by category and even by brand are already in the app, so all you have to do is choose the item and number of servings you had. Then sync with your favorite exercise app and you’ll know if you can have dessert that day or if you need to hit the trails to burn more calories.

4—Pocket Yoga. The benefits of yoga range from increased flexibility and muscle tone to improved energy and endurance. Now you can practice your Downward Dog wherever you are by downloading the Pocket Yoga app. The app keeps track of the calories you’ve burned and your heart rate. Plus, you can customize your positions to get your own personalized routine. Namaste.

5—Headspace. Need a little meditation to keep the crazies at bay? Use this app to relieve stress and anxiety, or to help you sleep better at night. Created by a former Buddhist monk, signup is free for a basic package. If you like it you can subscribe and choose from hundreds of guided mediations to suit your needs.

6—Sworkit. If you need visual motivation, Sworkit has tons of fitness plans on video so you can exercise along with the pros. Downloadable on all your devices, Sworkit can help you find or build the perfect workout to trim your specific “problem areas.” Don’t forget to watch the stretch-out videos on Sworkit before you tackle something harder.

7—Qinetic. Because getting up at the crack of dawn to make an exercise class isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, Qinetic lets you video stream classes from experts in the fitness industry. Find a fun Zumba routine, strength training or morning yoga class and have your privacy, too. The app also contains nutrition advice and lets you connect with other Qinetic users to compare your progress and encourage others.

Rieva Lesonsky is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and self-educated health nut. Follow her @Rieva.

Photo Credit: Kikovic/iStock/Thinkstock