Get the perfect skin with these super foods

Almost all women aspire to have perfect skin. They undergo beauty treatments and facials in the hope of getting a glowing and radiating skin. What these women do not realize is that perfect skin is not a result of topical creams and lotions but a result of inner nutrition. The food that you take in is far more responsible for the type of skin you have than the creams that you apply. There are certain foods that are extremely beneficial in skin care and these superfoods must be a part of your daily diet if you want the perfect skin. Here is an explanation of these superfoods:

Avocado: the best super food that helps in getting the perfect skin is the avocado. Extremely rich in vitamins, antioxidants, good fats and potassium, avocado helps in fighting off wrinkles. It is a natural moisturizer and provides a solution to rough, dry and flaky skin. You can use the avocado externally as well but eating it is more beneficial. The antioxidants and fiber in the avocado help in detoxifying the body, which is essential if you wish to have the perfect skin.

Pumpkin seeds: although you may find it a little strange, but pumpkin seeds are a skin perfection superfood. The seeds of the pumpkin are rich in nutrients that work wonders for the skin. Regular consumption of the pumpkin seeds provides the skin, the soft and supple feel.

Millet: millet is a superfood because it is rich in silicon. This silicon is highly beneficial for the skin, teeth, hair, nails and eyes. Therefore, those looking forward to having the perfect skin must include millet in their diet.

Oats: another of the superfoods that is highly regarded as the best food for the skin is the oats. It is rich in Vitamin B and E, proteins, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other essential nutrients. These nutrients help in regenerating the dead and damaged cells and therefore, the onset of wrinkles is postponed. Oats when pounded and formed in to a paste can be applied topically. The rough texture of the paste exfoliates the dead cells giving the skin a smooth feel.

Melons: all melons are extremely good for the skin for their ability to keep the digestive system working. The rich fiber content of the melons, help in detoxifying the body. The results of a clean and toxic-free body from the inside are visible by way of a clean and clear skin.

Dandelion leaves: dandelion leaves too are considered as skin perfection superfood for their ability to cleanse the body of the toxins. The dandelion leaves can be consumed by way of tea or as a part of a green salad.